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Song Lyrics

This room contains an anthology of song lyrics, most all of which were performed by the fictional band Good Rockin’ Tonight (GRT). Lyrics are subdivided into the following three categories: Early GRT , GRT Graduates and Other Songs

All GRT songs were written by Ryzanna and Nick Sheeboom; however, lyrics to a couple songs were contributed by Molly “Two Moons” Malloy. NOTE: Ryz’n still refuses to permit the publication of “Sweet Pea,” “Hop On,” “It Could Be You,” “Where’s Your Head at Boy?” and “Was a Girl Like You.” However, she did compromise her standards by lifting her ban for the hit “The Sizzle Shake” and her number one smash “Sweet Lovin’”.

All ratings, where given, are based on solely the ChartBusters Top Twenty according to the following legend.

* Top Twenty
** Top Ten
** Top Ten
*** #1
R&B – Rhythm and Blues
C&W – Country and Western
G – Gospel
RNR – Rock’N’Roll
Blank – Pop

All material contained herein is under the Copyright of Dixie Wells © 2002-2023, unless otherwise identified.